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The Who, How, What, Where and When

All of our services are free, there is no catch. Look at our sign up page and you can see for yourself we don’t ask for any money. Just some basic contact information, the .com name you want, and a description of your business.
No. There are no contracts of any kind. You may close your website down at any time if you wish.
If you already own a domain name, great! We are able to use it and connect it to the design we install for you.
We are amazingly fast at getting your site setup. We do need your input and direction so the quicker you get back to us when we have questions for you the better. Some of our fastest build times have been 2 days start to finish.
Step 1- You Pick a domain name. Step 2- We Link the domain name to hosting. Step 3- You Pick a design for your site. Step 4- We Install the design on your site. Step 5- We Design a custom logo for your site. Step 6- You tell us what you want your website to say.   We do all the heavy lifting for you!
There is no company out there that can match what we do for our clients(we have searched). Moreover, they can’t beat our low price of $0 either.
Yes, you can see those here. But the best thing to do is sign up so you can get access to our private system and search from 1000’s of designs to find the one that is best for you and your business.
All you have to do during the building process is answer some questions for us so we know what to create for you and follow a few simple instructions.
All of our designs come with built in responsive layouts so they work on all computer monitor sizes, all smart phones, and all tablets.
We offer unlimited support while your website is being built.
That is one limitation of our service is that we can only do 1 website per client.
Yes. If you would like an email address with your .com name we can set that up for you as well and link it to your website so your customers know how to find you.
All you need to start is an idea of what you would like the website to do. If you don’t have a domain name picked out we can help you with available names. Just fill out the signup form and we will walk you through the entire process and you will be online before you know it.
Yes! In fact every site is built with WordPress. WordPress is the best platform to build any site on and its the one we use exclusively.
BLAZING FAST. All the designs we use are speed optimized to perform in all connection environments.
We strive for 100% customer satisfaction. But in the rare case you are not happy then you can cancel the free service that we provide.
Yes, if you want your site to accept payments for products or services we can install a shopping cart to make your site fully e-commerce capable.
We do some basic SEO to get your site listed on google so your potential customers can find you.